When celebrated professional skiers Lorraine Huber and Hedvig Wessel join forces to take on the Freeride World Tour, director Katie Burrell thinks this just might be a premise dreamt up in Girl-Boss heaven.

The “Plan,” as it were, was to film Norway and Hoobs supporting each other through their complementary transitions – one from athlete to coach, and the other from mogul skier to big mountain freerider. Proving women can have it all.

Sticking it to The Man.

All that good stuff.

At the centre of this disaster, “COACH” asks the questions – why are women hiding behind contrived narratives in action sports media? Can’t female athletes show up honestly and still be adored by fans? Is there space for flaws in the gilded world of professional skiing?

As things start to unravel for Hedvig, Lorraine, and Katie – mentally, emotionally, and entirely (respectively), COACH becomes the inside-out story of how things fall apart.

With too perfect a setup and too high of expectations, Burrell exposes the impossible challenge that female athletes continually face in action sports.

Featuring: Lorraine Huber, Hedvig Wessel
Director: Katie Burrell
Filmmaker: Colleen Gentemann
Filmed at the Freeride World Tour 2020 stops and Stellar Heliskiing

STRUCTURES – A Ski Track In The Cultural Landscape

What happens when a photographer, a freeride pro and an architectural theorists get together? Well, at least in the case of “Structures”, one of the most exciting ski film experiments since films have been made at the Arlberg.

The fact that the Alps as we know them today are a product of cultural care and cultivation has now almost become commonplace. To make this actual state visible in an unbelievably aesthetic way is an art.

Photographer and director Hanno Mackowitz put his trust in this art, and together with freerider skier Lorraine Huber and architect Peter Volgger, created a short film that follows the great tradition of black-and-white films shot at the Arlberg.

“Structures” is above all a feast for the eyes, which deserves a second look and deeper reflection on how human traces shape and change the alpine environment.

Starring: Lorraine Huber
With: Peter Volgger
Produced by: Hanno Mackowitz
Filmed in Zürs and Stuben am Arlberg in 2017

Mit dem Ende des Winters 2018 verkünden die Profi-Freerider Lorraine Huber und Stefan Häusl zeitgleich ihren Rücktritt von der Freeride World Tour. Mit dem Ausstieg aus dem Wettkampfzirkus führt die beiden nun kein Tourstopp-Fahrplan mehr durch die kalte Jahreszeit – ein neues Leben beginnt. 

In dieser Kurzdokumentation gewähren uns Lorraine und Stefan Einblicke in die Realität nach der aktiven Wettkampfkarriere: von Zweifel und Entscheidungsfindungen über neue Herausforderungen bis hin dazu, sich selbst neu zu definieren und orientieren.

Nach fast einem Jahrzehnt im Rad des Profisports blicken sie auch darauf zurück, was sie aus dieser intensiven Zeit mitgenommen haben.​

Für die zwei erfolgreichen Freerider vom Arlberg ist klar, dass sie ihre einzigartigen Erfahrungen weitergeben wollen.

So setzt Stefan auf Nachwuchsbetreuung im heimatlichen Skiclub Arlberg. Lorraine wiederum nutzt ihre Erkenntnisse aus dem Leistungssport und dem Masterstudium zum Mentalcoach für das Coaching von CEOs und Führungspersonen, um diese im Umgang mit Druck zu unterstützen. 

Eine Ski-Dokumentation über Veränderungen, Neuorientierung und Optimismus.

Produktion/Kamera: Hanno Mackowitz
Regie: Philipp Moosbrugger, Hanno Mackowitz
Featuring: Lorraine Huber, Stefan Häusl
Filmed in Tirol/Österreich in 2019

Finding The Line

FINDING THE LINE is a film about fear, it’s paralyzing grip on humans and how it affects our decision-making.

In this feature length documentary, Olympian and X Games Slopestyle champion Anna Segal and her Freeride World Tour, big mountain skiing sister, Nat Segal, use their skiing to understand fear and how it manifests in the two siblings’ lives.

Nat and Anna invited Lorraine to join them and offer some mentorship for their ultimate test at the end of the season: skiing and filming big mountain lines in Cordova, Alaska.

Featuring: Anna Segal, Nat Segal, Lorraine Huber and others
Director and cinematography: Bjarne Salen
Editor: Bjarne Salen, Sara Edwards
Filmed in 2017
Four Girls And A Matterhorn

Mix together four girls, one of the world’s most famous mountains, calm weather, spring snow and a good dose of motivation and positive vibes, and this is what you get. The short film “Four Girls and a Matterhorn” – shot entirely by the girls themselves – shows in a refreshingly casual and fun way how much fun you can have skiing the Matterhorn east face.

Featuring: Lorraine Huber, Giulia Monego, Presslaber Melissa, Liv Sansoz
Edit: Whiteroom Productions
Music: David Mumford / Bonfire Music / Night without sleep
Filmed in Zermatt in 2016


‘kOnneX’ is the sequel to ‘Lorraine. The Movie’, by Austrian film-maker Hanno Mackowitz. ‘kOnneX’ is an experimental film project, without dialogue, that sets itself clearly apart from ski films available today.

Drawing the viewer into the connection between the element snow, a skier and her skis, ‘kOnneX’ illustrates the simple elegance and flow of skier Lorraine Huber when everything comes together perfectly. The fascination of skiing powder snow is captured dramatically in never before seen proximity, featuring original sound effects and music by Marcus Loeber.

Produced by: Hanno Mackowitz
Original sound design: Marcus Loeber
Filmed in Zürs am Arlberg in 2014

We highly recommend watching this film with earphones.

Lorraine. The Movie

A ski film unlike any other by Hanno Mackowitz, starring Lorraine Huber

Deep snow, untracked slopes, classical music and a gifted skier. With his film ‘Lorraine’, Austrian film maker Hanno Mackowitz gives us something which in today’s society is increasingly speeding up and running away from us: time.

Time to become consciously aware of the breathtaking scenery of snowcapped mountains, to discover details and the precision of a skier’s turn, and time to breathe. Nothing distracts the eye from the aesthetics of the images and dynamics of the snow, or the solitude and devotion of the freerider Lorraine Huber. Not a single word.

Produced by: Hanno Mackowitz
Original sound design: Marcus Loeber
Filmed in Zürs and Stuben am Arlberg, 2013

All lines were hiked from the ski resort under our own steam, without the use of helicopters. It is recommended to watch this film in HD.