Women's Progression Days by Lorraine Huber

All-female ski camps

From their humble beginnings in 2008, the Women’s Progression Days by Lorraine Huber have become one of the most sought-after ski camps in the Alps. Women between 18 and 65 and all off-piste skiing abilities come to Lech am Arlberg each year to experience the inspiring and confidence-building environment of our all-female groups, learn from our expert guides, make new skiing friends and simply have fun. Join us!

© Anne Kaiser

„I want to help women build confidence in their abilities.“

Lorraine Huber

„Ich kann dieses Camp jeder Frau, die Skifahren liebt, nur wärmstens empfehlen. In diesen Tagen darf jede einfach so sein, wie sie ist, gemeinsam mit anderen Ladies ihr skifahrerisches Können verbessern, Freundschaften schließen und das Leben feiern.“

Eva Pinkelnig
Gesamtweltcupsiegerin im Skispringen

WPD Freeride Camp
There will be no freeride camp in 2024
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WPD Ski Touring Camp
11 to 14 April 2024
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„Durch Lorraine’s offene, ehrliche und begeisternde Art, bekommt man automatisch Vertrauen in sich selbst und es fühlt sich so gut an, weil Lorraine es schaffst eine enorme Gruppendynamik zu erzeugen und aus jeder Einzelnen das Beste heraus zu holen.“

Carmen Oexle
passionierte Outdoor-Sportlerin aus Deutschland

Ready to learn something new

I used to often ask myself “why aren’t there more women in freeriding?”. For a long time, I couldn’t tell you why. I just knew there was more to it than having a certain amount of courage and fitness. Then, while I was working as a young guide in Sölden in the winter of 2003/2004, I learned that the biggest fear for a lot of my female clients wasn’t a fear of injury, but a fear of holding up the group.

The thought that they might not be able to keep up – that others would have to wait for them – was enough to stop these women from going freeriding. That’s when I got the idea to teach freeriding to all-female groups. My theory was that when women are amongst themselves, they would feel more comfortable to stretch their abilities and learn something new without obsessing over whether they are good enough.

© Alena Paschke

„We just have to start doing instead of trying to be perfect.“

Lorraine Huber
11 to 14 April 2024
WPD Ski Touring Camp

Build your skills and discover some of the best ski tours at the Arlberg with Lorraine Huber and the Women’s Progression Days guides!