Jasna Adrenalin

Today I learnt a valuable lesson. “Es gibt nur ein gas, voll gas!“ That’s a saying in German which means so much as: always give your best. Today at the qualifications for the Jasna Adrenalin, which is a Freeride World Tour Qualifier, I wanted to play it safe and “just qualify”, not risking anything. What happened? The other competitors gave it their best, dropping cliffs and skiing fluid lines. I skied technically strong with a fluid line, but only dropping one small feature. I came 9th and only the first 8 girls made the cut, so you can imagine how angry I was at myself! Today I was reminded to finally start believing in my own capabilities and just go for it.

The qualifier results for the ski women are following:

  1. Melanie Martinot 25.4 points
  2. Matilda Rapaport 24.1 points
  3. Petrova Barbora 22.4 points

Something I was really happy about was that my skiing buddy from St. Anton, Stefan Häusl, won the qualifier, followed by Sebastian Hanneman and Tino. Tied in 4th place are my other friends Lucas Swieykowski and Richard Amacker. I’m going up the hill today to watch them and maybe do some more filming with Robin Kaleta.

Qualifications and semi-finals venue

All the girls competing today

Stefan and me after our runs