Disappointing Crash in the Nendaz Freeride Finals

The good news is that I came 2nd in a very strong field of female skiers on the qualification day, the bad news is that I didn’t score on my final run due to losing both my skis. For the finals I skied a fast line with 3 big cliff drops, really making the most out of the great snow conditions and open face. On the very last few meters of the run I “double ejected” upon landing my last drop. What I didn’t know was that the snow in the lower elevations had been warmed up considerably by the sun and became sticky, causing me to instantly fly out of my bindings the second I landed. You can imagine how frustrated I was after such a good run.

However, I still had such a fun time and could gather new experiences during this excellent competition. I have gained so much confidence in my own abilities during the season that my goal of becoming a better skier has already been achieved. For results and pics visit www.nendazfreeride.ch.

Cliff drop to disaster by Walter Forstenpointner
Cliff drop to disaster by Walter Forstenpointner